Based upon experience, the JBT Single Pass Dryer continues to be the benchmark technology for energy-efficient drying for all fresh fruits and vegetables. It ensures maximum energy efficiency and improve your profitability. It utilizes variable heat control and recirculation of warm air to efficiently maintain the lowest selected temperature to suit pack house drying conditions. High velocity air uniformly covers the produce throughout the width and length of the unit, and thermal efficiency is maintained through consistent air recirculation and humidity reduction. Humidity control is critical to dryer performance, and the Single Pass Dryer maintains the lowest possible levels by exhausting a portion of humid air while operating.
Wet fruit remains stationary on the conveyor through the first half of the drying cycle to cure coating application and remove moisture. During the second half of the cycle, optional live rolls can slowly rotate the produce to complete the drying process and build shine. Capable of managing single or multi-layers, the produce dries in a single pass without transfers to minimize peel damage, saving energy, and increasing through-put. With high capacity and a relatively compact size, the JBT Single Pass Dryer is the ideal selection when floor space and energy conservation are important.