It may seem unlikely, but there is one ingredient that typically links everything from industrial cleaners and common adhesive removers to cosmetics and food flavorings, and it is not only sustainability-sourced, it can also be hugely profitable. Derived from cold-pressed citrus peel, d-Limonene and other essential oils offer customers a potentially lucrative byproduct that would otherwise go to waste.

JBT’s READYGo d-LIMONENE Recovery System is the most efficient solution on the market for sourcing the essential oil, extracting between 92-97% of d-Limonene – the active terpene compound which makes up around 95% of the chemical composition of essential citrus oils – from peel. 

The most efficient solution on the market: JBT’s READYGo d-LIMONENE Recovery System

iOPS launch
Brazil holds the distinction of being the country with the largest installed base of JBT systems for the citrus industry worldwide, with processors producing both for the domestic and export markets, according to JBT’s Brazil-based Director of Sales-Lease & Service, Januário Soligon. 

It is into this environment that JBT has recently launched the ReadyGoT d-LIMONENE Recovery System, offering existing and new customers in Brazil the opportunity to extract a new source of profits from their citrus production. But what makes this launch particularly noteworthy, Soligon continues, is that it will feature JBT’s unique Internet of Things (IoT) iOPS solution as a plus and option with the lease package. 

JBT iOPS provides up-to-the-minute, accurate information from across systems

Maximum uptime
The integrated iOPS solution gathers up-to-the-second information from linked machines, presenting it in a precise, easy understandable format through the iOPS Dashboard. Having speedy and simple-to-analyze data at your fingertips can make an immediate difference to customers, leading to a rapid resolution to any difficulties, and here iOPS has proven its worth by providing a complete picture to make sure maximum uptime is maintained. 

“JBT iOPS will provide more accurate and additional performance data, enabling customers to take the highest yield the READYGo d-LIMONENE system can provide,” explains Soligon. As well as Brazil, JBT plans to offer iOPS across South America, he says, adding that it is likely to receive a positive reception in other citrus producing countries, such as Argentina and others.

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