To strengthen the capabilities of its customers across the fresh produce specialty, JBT has introduced CoreTakr Flex™, an intelligent and flexible robotic decoring technology combined with product data management abilities. 

Created under JBT’s FoodTech umbrella, and utilizing robotic systems of FTNON, CoreTakr Flex™ operates with both automatic and semi-automatic decoring options of fresh produce items such as iceberg lettuce, radicchio romaine lettuce, celery and others, amounting to 15 different leafy greens varieties. These robotic systems automate repetitive human labor tasks in fresh food applications in safe and extremely hygienic methods, while also capturing a wealth of useful data.  


As fresh produce vendors continually look to improve upon operational efficiency, along with decreasing amounts of employee labor and their overall carbon footprint, customers of JBT will gain a competitive advantage through CoreTakr Flex™.   

“We are thrilled to launch CoreTakr Flex™, a technology that will provide our customers the safest and most advanced solution on the market,” said Carlos Fernandez, Executive Vice President of JBT Corporation and President, Diversified Food and Health. “With CoreTakr Flex™, customers are investing in their business and in the planet by adopting a sustainable solution that reduces waste and increases yield and quality, getting the most of out of each product.” 

CoreTakr Flex™ semi-automatic solution decors an astounding up to 2,400 heads per hour. Additionally, waste totals average at only 6% with CoreTakr Flex™, compared to averages of 11-13% through using other decoring methods.  

CoreTakr Flex™ unique and transformative data management systems help predict maintenance, maximize machine effectiveness and optimize product quality. Data collection from this technology includes production overviews, raw material data and more to understand the incoming product and inform the robot decoring system. For brands looking to set the new standard in the fresh produce market, CoreTakr Flex™ is the optimal solution.   

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