Freshgard® High Pressure Washer System

As the industry benchmark, Freshgard High Pressure Washers come in models that offer a range of pressures for general cleaning and scale removal from different produce. JBT patented innovation is regarded as one of the most significant technological advances for growers and packers during the past 20 years.

Some key features about the High Pressure Washer:

  • Removal of sooty mold and scale without damaging the fruit leading to increase packable fruit
  • Proven safe on citrus with over 20 years of field use
  • Fully automated filtering system with adjustable pressure settings to adapt to fruit conditions

Freshgard® Chemtrol

The JBT Freshgard® Chemtrol Programmable Controllers use an advanced micro-processor-based technology that introduces a new standard of sophistication in automated process water treatment. It provides a reliable, safe and low cost system that accurately monitors and controls the pH and sanitizer level in re-circulating water systems.

Some key features about the High Pressure Washer:

  • pH & ORP monitoring and control with onboard data logging with adjustable intervals
  • dynamic probe testing with sensor failure warning with temperature and conductivity monitoring
  • Microprocessor-based control with safety shut-off alarms with battery operated memory backup