JBT’s Fresh Produce Technologies team has a successful, patented addition to their Bin Scrubber Series.  The T-Series is a tall non-vented bin scrubbing system. The T-Series Bin Scrubber allows for packers of fruits, vegetables, and nuts who use bins in the field over 32 inches in height for their operation to able to clean their bins quickly and efficiently. Most tall bins in the industry are being cleaned by hand which is expensive, inconsistent, and requires a lot of water.

The T-Series has all the proven benefits of the standard bin scrubber like low water use, mechanical scrubbing, low power consumption and adjustable scrubbing cycles. The main benefits that make this system stand out are the telescoping scrubbing brush head, a bin rinse feature for non-vented bins, and a bin drying stage specially designed for the non-vented bins. This new JBT product will help customers meet their food safety laws and requirements as well as keep the cost of cleaning and handling at a low per bin. This revolutionary equipment sets the industry standard for bin cleaning and sanitizing system.