Without a doubt, the past 12 months have presented a challenging time for all sections of the food industry, so having effective support mechanisms in place have become even more crucial to keep businesses running. JBT’s PRoCARE® Service Agreements continue to perform this function through preventative maintenance, both in person and remotely; with the service helping customers in California’s produce industry avoid costly downtime.

Customers in California have really been seeing the value in PRoCARE®, thanks to JBT’s ability to  schedule visits and services in advance and assist with preventative maintenance tasks, explains William Wofford, Sales & Service Manager at JBT Diversified Food & Health for Fresh Produce Technologies.

Wofford says there has been a focus on ensuring more uptime, combined with better parts and delivery as a part of the PRoCARE program over the past 12 months, whether in-person or remotely. “Access to customers was limited during the pandemic, but we were able to deliver technicians well in advance as part of PRoCARE,” he says.

Tailored support
Speaking on condition of anonymity, one leading California customer said: “We know that our JBT machines and supporting equipment have a PRoCARE® service program that is managed by JBT and as a result we do not have concerns about missing an important standard inspection that can avoid costly downtime repairs. 

“When PRoCARE® services are provided we know that a complete machine inspection is conducted, an operational analysis is performed, and a detailed report is provided.  

“When changes to our PRoCARE program are recommended by the JBT technician we know it comes from someone that has past knowledge of our machines and can provide a clear and accurate program that is tailored to us.

“Having PRoCARE has maximized our uptime and prevented unexpected cost through timely maintenance and by having knowledgeable service technicians inspecting and conducting the required maintenance.”

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