Ever since the production of sweetened condensed milk started in Asia, JBT has been present to support the industry with state-of-the-art filling and closing technology and complete packaging lines. An indication of the importance of this ongoing support has come with confirmation of strategic orders for two new JBT Unifillers for major Asia-Pacific sweetened condensed milk customers; systems which can handle up to 500 cans per minute (cpm).

Product Demand

Especially in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Thailand, sweetened condensed milk remains popular and demand is continuing to grow, explains JBT’s Sales Support Engineer for Filling and Closing, Ronald Annendijck, who says a number of Asian producers already export their products to other parts of the world.

“JBT Sint-Niklaas has a 70+ year history of building and servicing rotary fillers and closers for cans, jars and bottles and is JBT’s global center of excellence for non aseptic filling technology,” he says. “Since the early 50’s Asia-Pacific has been a key market for JBT’s rotary fillers, mainly driven by the rapid growth of the dairy industry in this part of the world.”


To support the large installed base in the region, JBT has built a strong service network with central hub in Bangkok, Thailand.

Unifiller Orders

JBT is proud to announce that two more Asian customers have awarded JBT the order for a Unifiller/Closer group for SCM in cans. “Both customers selected JBT’s Unifiller technology based on the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),” says Annendijck. “The Unifiller delivers lowest TCO mainly through its superior fill accuracy, which translates into less giveaway; in addition, downtime is minimized by fully automatic Clean-In-Place (CIP) without the need to disassemble the fill stations.”

Factory Acceptance Test of both filling/closing groups at JBT Sint-Niklaas is planned in Q3 2021, for installation in Q4 2021.