Australia’s juice processing industry is a key market for JBT Liquid Foods, but it is one which is increasingly marked by two competing tendencies. While on the one hand the country remains a net importer of juice concentrate, on the other Australia has experienced a boost in exports of not-from concentrate orange juice to markets across Asia.

This is the message that will be given at a keynote presentation on World Juice Market Trends by JBT’s Global Product Line Director for Fruit & Vegetable Processing, Michael Mas, at the upcoming Citrus Australia 2019 Juice Forum, which takes place in Griffith, New South Wales on June 12.

“The Australia juice processing industry has been growing over the past few years, and is a key market for JBT Liquid Foods as a whole,” says Mas. “Interestingly, while still a net importer of concentrate, Australia’s exports have grown through bottled not-from-concentrate orange juice to Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, and other APAC countries.”


JBT’s Grant Day

By-product recovery
In addition to the focus on world market trends, JBT’s Sales Manager for Liquid Foods Technology in Australia and New Zealand, Grant Day, will deliver a presentation on means of ‘Extracting by-products and maximising juice extraction’. This will include an in-depth look at JBT juice extraction technologies, and innovative by-product recovery systems for maximising the commercial potential of citrus pulp and valuable d-Limonene oil.

A key event for citrus processors and juice producers in Australia, the 2019 Citrus Juice Forum is expected to attract some 150 participants to the one-day seminar.

Citrus Australia’s 2019 Juice Forum will take place at the Griffith Exies Club, Griffith, New South Wales on June 12.

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