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The huge potential offered by JBT’s preservation and sterilization solutions for Brazil’s dairy, tomato, vegetable and fruit processing industries – from efficient heating to aseptic filling – will be highlighted at an upcoming one-day seminar at the JBT Research & Technology Center in Araraquara, São Paulo State. 

The event will showcase SF&DS’s Sterideal® range of solutions for effective sterilization and pasteurization while preserving the taste and color of dairy products, but will also highlight innovative systems for pouch and can filling, and the efficient sterilization of processed fruits, vegetables, and tomatoes. 

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Taking place on May 16, the ‘Technologies for Sterilization and the Filling Food’ seminar, will detail the advantages of using JBT’s in-container processing equipment, including the Unifiller, the Hydromatic® Hydrostatic Sterilizer, Batch Retort Sterilizers, and Rotary Pressure Sterilizers.

According to Januário Soligon, Director of Sales & Service – South America for JBT Liquid Foods, the seminar will feature several solutions – such as the Hydromatic Hydrostatic Sterilizer for cans and pouches – which are new introductions to the Brazilian market.

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Effective sterilization
On the dairy side, the event will feature solutions from SF&DS (formerly Stork Food & Dairy Systems), including the Sterideal HX Coil, whose unique design offers maximum heat transfer and allows heating up and cooling down of products extremely quickly. The result, says Soligon, is effective sterilization combined with excellent preservation of taste and color.

Meanwhile, the Sterideal HX SteriCompact UHT Sterilizer, which is based on JBT’s globally successful Sterideal HX UHT system, features a unique helical configuration of concentric tubes that ensure effective thermal treatment combined with efficient heat recovery and optimal product handling. The JBT UHT concept, adds Soligon, has been embraced by dairy producers worldwide for its robustness, end-product quality, ease of operation and favorable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 


‘Fog-In-Place’ from Aurratech

Innovative technologies
Including a presentation from JBT South America Managing Director, Miguel Ruiz, on trends within the beverage industry, the seminar will also feature an introduction to Fog-in-Place®, an innovative sterilization system from JBT-allied company Aurratech for storage tanks, equipment, and process rooms that use a fraction of the water and chemicals of traditional sterilization techniques. Additionally, the event will include a tour of the Araraquara facility and a look at what JBT are doing in terms of research and development.

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