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The multiple benefits of High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology are well known, from doubling or tripling shelf life to improved preservation of healthy vitamins, but for smaller companies purchasing the equipment is often not an easy option. JBT Avure-approved tollers provide access to HPP technology with no capital investment required, and it just such an option that will be highlighted at an upcoming JBT Avure Seminar in the Netherlands.

Staged in conjunction with JBT Avure toller Pascal Processing, the HPP Seminar in the Netherlands will offer an opportunity to not just hear about the advantages of the system, but to see it working in action.


The event, which takes place on May 9 in Helmond close to the city of Eindhoven, will examine HPP technology, how it works and its uses, as well as growing market for HPP-treated products. Featuring a presentation from JBT Avure’s Dr Errol Raghubeer on new and emerging HPP applications, the seminar will include a tour of Pascal Processing’s nearby facility, including a look at juice extraction and an HPP juice test.

“The event will offer a chance to visit a contracted HPP provider – or toller – which provides the service for companies that are not yet sure about making an investment in the technology,” says Lisa Wessels, Marketing Director-HPP for Avure Technologies. “It’s a chance to see the machines running and see what Pascal does.”

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