JBT has announced the launch of the latest member of the JBT READYGo™ JUICE Family: the READYGo JUICE MJE, a flexible, modular extraction system that has been designed to offer customers a complete juice line solution enabling them to “hit the ground running”. 

A significant addition to JBT’s READYGo JUICE Family line, the MJE is based on a proven solution, but with the extra benefits of a faster installation time thanks to its modular design and a lower startup cost in the field. The READYGo JUICE modular design also means smaller customers can start with a single extractor and then add further units to the line as their business grows.


According to Michael Mas, JBT’s Global Product Line Director for Fruit & Vegetable Processing, the READYGo JUICE MJE offers a faster installation time at a lower cost, with fewer complications and troubleshooting required as it is fully tested in-factory before shipping. 

A flexible solution, which is compatible with other systems in JBT’s READYGo line, such as the READYGo d-LIMONENE system and the READYGo CYCLONE, the MJE delivers a tailored fruit handling, washing, grading and sizing solution. 

Orange juice factory - generic

Rapid expansion
“After having success with our first two READYGo JUICE offerings, which were designed for one or two extractors, we saw demand for a solution that enabled you to start with a smaller line and have the ability to expand to a greater number of extractors in the future,” explains Mas. “The READYGo JUICE MJE comes with controls, pumps and all you’ll need to start small and then grow.”

The MJE was initially developed for a customer in Mexico that asked for a skid-based solution that would be able to expand as its business developed. An initial three extractor unit was quickly expanded to four, before the company grew to encompass six extractors twelve months later.

“We presented the concept to the customer and they saw an opportunity to get started quickly with the MJE,” says Mas, who adds that the solution has since received interest from Asia, Europe and the US.