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JBT’s next generation Fresh’n Squeeze® Multi Fruit Juicer (MFJ) – a system which offers up to 50% high yield than competitor models – will take center stage at the JBT Booth at this year’s NAFEM foodservice show, which takes place in Orlando, Florida from February 7-9.

In conjunction with JBT Master Distributor Juicernet by Mulligan Associates, JBT will be showcasing an extractor designed for front-of-house use that not only features an attractive stainless steel, glass-front appearance with high fruit visibility, but which also offers a much higher speed than previous Fresh’n Squeeze juicers.

Since its appearance at last year’s PMA Fresh Summit, the MFJ has been picked up by major retailers across North America who have benefited from a system that attracts potential customers and has also helped boost sales in adjacent produce aisles.


“It’s gotten off to a successful start with lots of big orders from leading grocery chains,” reveals Donn Sabato, JBT’s North America Director of Sales.

“Having the MFJ out on  the retail store floor means customers get to see juice being made and buy – much like when you go to a movie theater and see and smell popcorn being made – and it seems to increase sales in the produce department as a whole by around 10%.”


Significant improvements
As well as its market-leading yield, the MFJ is capable of handling 33 pieces of fruit – up from the previous model’s 20 – and can produce 40 gallons of fresh juice every hour, significantly higher than the 25 gallons delivered by older Fresh’n Squeeze juicers. Working on the tried-and-tested whole fruit principle, the MFJ comes with all new electronics and moves from a one-case to a two-case hopper, enabling the machine to carry more fruit.

JBT’s appearance at NAFEM 2019 will also showcase the latest upgrade to the MFJ: a self-service tap, which allows customers to serve themselves fresh juice. “When you go to fill up a jug with juice, the self service MFJ turns on the extractor, so you juice the product yourself,” adds Sabato.

JBT, alongside Juicernet by Mulligan Associates, will be exhibiting from February 7-9 in Booth 554 at NAFEM 2019 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida.