JBT is pleased to announce the completion of a landmark achievement for the company, with the official launch of the world’s fastest filling line for Sweetened Condensed Milk (SCM) currently in operation. The new high capacity line, developed for a customer in Asia, is designed to run SCM in cans at 1200 Cans Per Minute (CPM), and its launch marks the culmination of months of hard work for JBT’s Sint Niklaas, Belgium team.

In order to meet growing consumer demand for sweetened condensed milk in Asia, the customer has invested in the new high capacity line, which includes a 81-station high speed JBT Unifiller along with a JBT Seamer 1259 for automatic closing of SCM in Ø73 x 83mm cans. 

JBT High Capacity Unifiller - Belgium

A High Capacity Unifiller being tested at JBT’s Sint-Niklaas, Belgium facility

With JBT’s receipt of the signed Site Acceptance Test (SAT) document, the customer has now taken final ownership of the line, closing a very important milestone for JBT, according to JBT’s Business Development and Marketing coordinator EMENA, Ben Verbeeck.

“We can now proudly say JBT has the fastest filling line for SCM in cans in the world,” he said. “This is a feat JBT can be very proud of. We can also successfully turn the page on this chapter of New Product Development and congratulate everybody who contributed to making this project a success.”

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