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Manufacturers of food and beverages packed in glass and plastic bottles face a range of mounting pressures. Hygiene and food safety requirements are increasing at the same time that cost per unit is becoming more and more critical. In this challenging environment, the choice of filling technology is crucially important.

JBT‘s latest White Paper, ‘The Art of Filling Glass and Plastic Bottles’, examines in detail the prominence of the packaging types in our daily lives. A walk down any grocery store aisle will likely provide evidence of just how important plastic and glass bottles have become, for everything from drinks and juices to dairy products, wines, spirits, edible oils, sauces and condiments. 

JBT Level Filler

The JBT Level Filler: one of JBT’s innovative solutions for glass and plastic bottles

However, today’s market demands are creating challenges in production schedules as well as applying pressure for quality and food safety standards like never before. JBT’s filling solutions help ensure bottled products comply with the highest standards before they reach the retail shelf.

The JBT White Paper looks at the role played by filling machines – the only packaging machines that come into contact with products – detailing how they play a major role in managing product quality, safety, shelf life and yield, as well as JBT solutions for making sure these requirements are realized to their maximum.

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