The benefits that JBT Avure’s High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology and the potential for increasing shelf-life using JBT’s Sterideal® UHT system were just two of the innovations highlighted by the successful JBT India Roadshow, which last week visited the cities of Bangalore and New Delhi. Attended by more than 60 representatives from across India’s dairy and food processing sector, the roadshow visited New Delhi on May 23 followed by Bangalore on May 25, with the focus very much on how JBT can improve efficiencies, operations and minimize downtime.

Under the heading “Partnering for innovation and growth in value added products for Dairy,” JBT presented an overview of technologies and systems for cans, plastic containers, glass bottles, flexible pouches and paperboard containers. In particular, the sessions focused on JBT In-container and In-flow technologies, the potential of JBT’s Sterideal UHT system for extending shelf-life, batch and continuous sterilization systems, and introduced JBT Avure’s HPP technology. JBT’s PRoCARE Customer Care offering for maximizing uptime and smooth operation was also highlighted to customers.

JBT India Roadshow - delegates

The first event in New Delhi attracted 29 delegates from 15 leading companies based in Northern India, including globally recognized brands. A further 35 delegates from 14 companies from Southern India, again including many top names, attended the follow-up session in Bangalore.

Robert Geerts, JBT’s Manager of Sales Food & Dairy systems for the Asia Pacific region, said the events were very well received by both current and prospective customers. “Our customers were very happy to see we are enthusiastic about growing in India and have a broad product range to support their businesses,” he said. “We showed the different alternatives available for filling and sealing packaging materials, as well as the variety of ways – including HPP, UHT and ohmic heating – for pasteurizing or sterilizing different juice and dairy products.”

Geerts added: “For those who were new to JBT, the seminars were well received and most were very surprised they hadn’t heard of us before. In fact, we’ve already received emails from a number of them to discuss further some of the topics.”

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