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JBT has announced the launch of the X-Series System, an innovative option designed for pre-existing or new Bin Scrubber Systems. It delivers external scrubbing for truly clean bins for handling nuts, fresh produce and other products. Based on JBT’s existing Bin Scrubber Systems, which are capable of scrubbing the inside of up to 200 bins per hour, the new X-Series System also focuses on external cleaning.

Like the previous Bin Scrubber Systems, the new system makes use of specially designed brushes to ensure a meticulous cleaning of the bottom, sides, front and back of bins.

“In contrast with previous JBT systems which scrub the inside of the bin, the optional X-Series System scrubs the outside and the bottom of the bin, meaning all four sides get cleaned, and then it goes through the process of scrubbing the interior like the S-Series Bin Scrubber System,” explains Hassan Khan, Marketing Communications Coordinator for JBT Liquid Foods.

Initially developed on a custom-build basis, the X-Series System is already attracting interest from the nut and pistachio industries, he adds.

Key features:

  • Exterior bin scrubbing brushes to clean side and bottom of bin
  • Overhead pushing conveyor (with optional multi-bin feature)
  • Bin rinsing spray manifold
  • Scrubbing tunnel with water containment design and access doors for easy cleaning and servicing

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