JBT-Mulligan National Restaurant Show

JBT’s Next Generation Fresh’n Squeeze® Multi Fruit Juicer, which offers up to a 65% increase in juice output over the existing model, is set to make a splash at the National Restaurant Show 2018, with customers able to get a first look at a faster, more attractive and easy to operate version of the classic system.

Capable of handling up to 33 pieces of fruit per minute, the new version of the Multi Fruit Juicer can produce 40 gallons of fresh juice during every hour of operation, up from the 25 gallons per hour delivered by the previous model. As well as moving from a one-case to a two-case hopper, the Juicer is also markedly more attractive in appearance than its predecessor, featuring viewing windows showing the juicing process and increased visibility of stored citrus.

The Multi Fruit Juicer will be one of the star attractions at the booth of JBT Master Distributor Juicernet by Mulligan Associates, Inc (#3760) where company founders Bonnie and Gene Mulligan will be showcasing the system to visitors from across North America.

New generation FnS Multi-Fruit Juicer

Mulligan, which is making its 33rd consecutive appearance as an exhibitor at the National Restaurant Show, has been JBT’s exclusive representative in North America for the past 18 years.

“We’re excited about having the opportunity to show the new Multi Fruit Juicer to visitors, including many of the 2000 dealers that we work with in the US and Canada,” says Bonnie.

“The new Multi Fruit Juicer will bring a real theatre effect to the booth because visitors will be able to see what’s going on inside the juicer. Getting rid of all the casting and making it stainless steel makes it much easier for cleaning, while the increased speed is another huge benefit.”

“It will help having a two case hopper instead of a one-case hopper, and it just looks so much newer and fresher,” she adds.

Juicernet by Mulligan Associates, featuring JBT’s Multi Fruit Juicer, will be exhibiting at Booth 3760 at the National Restaurant Show 2018 from May 19-22 at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center. 

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