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JBT has launched the new Vacuum-Assisted High-Precision (VAHP) Granular Filler, a unique innovation developed to add sticky fruit particles to premium beverages that combines high filling accuracy with gentle product handling and minimum product loss.

With demand for beverages that contain chunky fruit pieces on the increase, the VAHP Granular Filler provides processors with a solution that uses a vacuum pocket system to remove unwanted carrying liquid. In addition to measuring pockets, a focused blowout system is used to achieve gentle emptying of the pocket and accurate filling.

According to JBT’s Sven Rogiest, the VAHP has been developed from JBT’s earlier Granular Filler, adding a unique fill-gate design and vacuum system to handle the sticky fruit particles used in much of the expanding premium beverage market, especially in the Asia Pacific region.

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“The JBT Granular Filler has been used to fill solid bits into cans or jars, but more and more , processors of premium beverages are looking to use sticky fruit pieces rather than dried particles,” he explained. “With the VAHP, the bits are placed in liquid and gently moved into filling pockets. The vacuum then removes the carrying liquid leaving only fruit pieces in the pockets.

“The VAHP is being used in South East Asia where non-carbonated beverages with bits such as mango, grass jelly and coconut beverages with fruit pieces are becoming very popular. To the best of my knowledge, this is a unique product which can achieve a far greater filling accuracy than rival systems.”

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