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JBT Avure is set to deliver a keynote speech as part of its participation at this year’s Cold Pressure Council Annual Conference, which will focus on driving best practice in High Pressure Processing (HPP) and helping customers make the switch from more traditional forms of pasteurization, among other topics.

Taking place at the Westin Chicago Northwest from June 18-20, the event will feature an update on progress being made to promote industry standardization, user education, and consumer awareness of Cold Pressure Processing delivered by Jeff Williams, CEO of JBT Avure and Chairman of the Cold Pressure Council.

The annual event, which JBT is also sponsoring, will feature HPP best practices, the latest market trends and tips for packaging HPP products – with insights from leading food processors and services supplier experts.

JBT Avure

In a recent interview with New Hope 360, Jeff Williams commented that one of the drivers behind the creation of the Cold Pressure Council was a desire to show that HPP technology follows proper processes and procedures, with no shortcuts.

“HPP is a fantastic technology and we do not want any ‘bad actors’ mis-using the technology and creating a bad image for it,” he explained. “Another driver was the desire by many existing and new brands to have a logo program that would identify that product as ‘cold pressured’ and verified – as in they are following the proper guidelines for safety, validation and the HPP process.  The third driver was to create an independent organization to help foster the growth and development of HPP overall.”

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