JBT will be highlighting the multiple – potentially lucrative – by-products and ingredients often needlessly thrown away during citrus processing and how to get the most out of them during the upcoming SGF-IFU Africa Roadshow. The roadshow, which JBT will also be sponsoring, follows successful Asia and Latin America tours during which JBT highlighted products and innovations for the juice sector in conjunction with quality standards organization Sure-Global-Fair (SGF) and the International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Association (IFU).

This time round, the roadshow will feature talks from JBT during visits to Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya and Algeria between April and October, where delegates can learn how by-products can become valuable ingredients. Although more than 70% of the citrus juices produced worldwide is extracted using JBT systems, JBT also offers a range of solutions that can monetize pulp and other fractions of the extraction process that have traditionally been regarded as waste.

The Roadshow will visit Lagos, Nigeria on April 24

Realizing potential
According to José Lorente, technology expert at JBT’s Liquid Foods business unit, juice only makes up around half of the material recovered from citrus during the extraction process. The remainder is comprised of pulp, peel, core and essential oils, much of which is often disposed rather than exploited to its full potential.

d-LIMONENE, a natural organic solvent used in aroma industry and other sectors, is one of the most lucrative by-products of the citrus extraction process. d-LIMONENE can be collected from leftover peel using the JBT READYGo™ d-LIMONENE; a system that boasts up to a 95% recovery efficiency rate.

JBT Pulp Recovery and Pulp Wash systems can recover pulp and sugars for pasteurization and aseptic filling, making them fit to add to juice from concentrate, not-from-concentrate, nectars and liquid yogurts. A similar application can be achieved through citrus peel processing. Another product making up 15% of total fruit weight, cloudy peel juice, can be used as an ingredient base in soft drinks, providing a cloudiness similar to natural juices.

JBT will be hosting presentations at the IFU Africa Roadshow at Lagos, Nigeria on April 24, before moving on to Stellenbosch, South Africa on May 9, as well as dates in Cairo, Egypt, Nairobi, Kenya and Algiers, Algeria during September and October.

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