JBT SeamTec for powder cans 2

JBT’s SeamTec Seamer, the innovative seamer designed for packaging high value powders, has been announced as one of the winners of the Dairy Technology Award 2018, the annual competition recognizing outstanding new technological developments in the dairy industry. At a ceremony at the Anuga FoodTec 2018 trade fair in Cologne, Germany on March 21, organized by International Dairy Magazine, the SeamTec Seamer was selected as one of the recipients of the award by a jury of renowned experts on dairy technology and engineering.

In its original submission to the award committee, JBT explained the rationale behind the SeamTec system was a response to the inadequacies of traditional can seamers for high value infant formula powders.

JBT SeamTec for powder cans 3

Unchanged for decades, these seamers were essentially adaptations of standard designs for liquid applications, with minor modifications. Today, many of these machines no longer meet the needs of the modern infant formula powder industry.

Driven by ever-increasing regulatory requirements, infant formula canners demand the highest level of hygienic design, with no exposed lubricants, easy and quick cleaning, prevention of foreign particles and absolute product safety.

Baby powder being filled into cans by JBT affiliate PLF International

JBT’s response was a radical new approach to seamer design, with the development of a seamer specifically for high value powders. JBT worked closely with leading infant formula producers to understand their specific requirements in terms of hygienic design, operation in an inert gas environment, cleanability, and operator and product safety – and all at a reasonable cost with no powder spillage and foreign particle prevention.

The unique SeamTec Seamer features set a new standard in the industry and makes this the most advanced seamer for powder on the planet. Since the system’s introduction, industry leaders like Nestlé, Wyeth, MeadJohnson, Abbott and FrieslandCampina have all embraced JBT’s SeamTec seaming technology.