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JBT Liquid Foods 2020 Strategy from JBT on Vimeo.

JBT Corporation has launched a new video outlining an ambitious growth strategy for its liquid foods business over the next three years. The video explains how JBT will continue to develop in the liquid foods segment by expanding globally, providing service excellence and making targeted acquisitions, with the aim of doubling revenue by 2020.

The liquid foods business unit, which has experienced impressive growth over the last decade, operates ten manufacturing sites and eight Technology Centers worldwide, and has nearly 2,000 employees who help generate approximately US$500M in revenue.

JBT Liquid Foods products process fruits and vegetables, and provide solutions for filling, closing and sterilizing juices, soups, baby food, dairy, pet food and much, much more.

With the acquisition of ICS Solutions, Stork Food and Dairy Systems, A&B Process Systems and, most recently, PLF International, JBT Liquid Foods has added significant capabilities in: sterilization; dairy and juice processing; and, customized, skidded systems that can be used in a wide array of industries, including pharma and the energy sector.


A renewed vision
However, the Liquid Foods business is not resting on its laurels, but instead is moving forward with an aggressive growth strategy by striving to become the world’s most-valued supplier of preservation, processing and packaging solutions.

JBT aims to grow its liquid foods business through the development and acquisition of complementary companies and technologies, focusing in particular on “green box” technologies, that is, key products and technologies that influence who becomes supplier of choice for broader, integrated solutions.

By owning these key technologies, JBT Liquid Foods can offer customers a complete solution that delivers the desired combination of highest yield, quality and throughput with the optimal food safety level, shelf life, and lowest cost per unit.

Strategic imperatives
The JBT Liquid Foods plan will focus on three strategic imperatives: Fortify the Core, Expand the Franchise, and Explore the Edges.

JBT will fortify its core businesses by continuing investments in citrus processing, aseptic processing and in-container sterilization. To expand the franchise the Liquid Foods business will seek to grow areas such as flexible packaging, filling and seaming in attractive segments, while continuing to increase its presence in regional markets. JBT will further explore the edges by investigating alternative sterilization and extended shelf life technologies, while moving into new sectors such as water, prepared foods and pharma.

The stated strategy is already being successfully implemented as evidenced by the February 2017 acquisition of Avure Technologies, Inc., a leader in the growing High Pressure Processing (HPP) equipment market, as well as July 2017 acquisition of PLF International, the global leader in powder filling and handling technology.

As the video states, the road will not be easy, but JBT has the people, the expertise and the capabilities to grow the Liquid Foods business for years to come.

To access the video please click: https://vimeo.com/230889889