JBT has completed the successful installation of a T-Series Bin Scrubber system at Setton Farms, a California-based pistachio processor. The T-Series is a high capacity model designed to clean tall, non-vented bins.

Now operational at the company’s 80-acre pistachio processing facility in Terra Bella, California, the T-Series Bin Scrubber is a new variation on JBT’s original Bin Scrubber; a system that provides efficient bin cleaning with a smaller footprint than alternative systems.

Most tall bins are currently cleaned by hand which is expensive and inconsistent. The JBT T-Series Bin Scrubber System provides a means to achieve fast and effective cleaning for processors that use field bins.

In addition to other proven benefits of the original model, including mechanical scrubbing and adjustable cleaning cycles, the T-Series Bin Scrubber features a telescoping brush, which ensures all internal surfaces are cleaned. Included on this new design is a rinse feature for non-vented bins and manifolds which sprays water directly into the bin during cleaning. Customers also have the option of adding blowers for rapid drying of the interior of bins after rinsing.

As Hassan Khan explains, the Bin Scrubber System also allows companies to make long-term utility costs savings due to its use of recycled chlorinated water. This means the customer uses less water, which adds to the equipment’s already low energy consumption.

Khan says the feedback received from Setton Farms has been immensely positive, with the collaboration likely to continue going forward. “They love the system,” he says. “It’s working well for them. They are thinking of adding another unit because they have such a large plant, but that is still in the works.”

“This new equipment has allowed us to open our market to the tree nut industry, whether that is almonds, pistachios or walnuts,” he adds. The T-Series Bin Scrubber will likely be presented at the upcoming trade shows.