Innovative cold pasteurization technology from Avure HPP Foods, one of the most recent additions to the JBT family, is expected to double in market value over the next eight years, thanks to growing industry awareness of its significant food safety and shelf-life advantages.

This was one of the messages delivered by Dr. Errol V. Raghubeer, Senior Vice President of Microbiology & Food Technology at Avure, to delegates at this year’s Propak Asia show, which took place in Bangkok, Thailand from June 14-17.

During a presentation on “Global growth of HPP Foods and Beverages”, Raghubeer revealed that the market worth of products that utilize High-Pressure Processing (HPP) systems is likely to rise from the current US$12B to US$25B by 2025.

The beverage market, with has an estimated worth of around US$2-3B, is a major element in this growth, with innovation in the premium juice segment crucial to its development, aided by the introduction of new mixes and exotic fruit blends from Asia and South America.

Find out how Avure’s HPP technology works

For Raghubeer, HPP technology’s ability to extend shelf-life by up to four months in the case of fresh juice, while preserving the nutritional, taste and quality aspects of the product is one of the key drivers behind its expansion, adding that it also delivers a “fresh, raw taste”.

He adds that when it comes to food safety, Avure has worked closely with the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure that HPP products achieve the same or greater pathogen reduction that can be produced through heat pasteurization.

WATCH Dr Raghubeer’s presentation on HPP technology at Pack Expo 2016: [youtube]