JBT Corporation will be bringing the juicer with the highest yield currently available in a new, larger capacity version to this year’s National Restaurant Show, as part of a presence that will focus on offering a complete juice bar solution for clients large and small.

In conjunction with its US master distributor, Juicernet by Mulligan Associates, JBT will be appearing at the event, which takes place at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center from May 20-23, to highlight solutions that make economic sense while delivering the highest quality.

Chief among them is JBT’s Fresh’n Squeeze range of point-of-sale juicers, which have a proven record of yielding up to 50% more juice per unit of fruit than all competitor models, while also boasting a unique design that can handle the widest range of fruit sizes and citrus varieties.

The juicer works on the principle of instantaneous separation – removing peel, seed and albedo components that can have an adverse effect on flavor instantaneously from juice – delivering the superior quality product which has become a hallmark of the Fresh’n Squeeze brand.

Visitors enjoying Fresh’n Squeeze juice at last year’s ProPak exhibition in Thailand

Attractive display
New for this year’s show will be a larger capacity hopper for JBT’s Citrus Juicer – a point-of-sale model for juice bars that allows customers to see the juice being extracted – that can hold some 40 lbs or 120 pieces of fruit, up from the standard hopper’s 20 lbs or 60 pieces of fruit.

According to JBT’s Fresh Juice Account Manager, Jerry King, using the new hopper means less loading, less often, while also providing an attractive display of citrus in a large basket above the machine.

Fresh’n Squeeze juicers give companies in the restaurant and hotel industry a citrus juicer that is both profitable and provides a healthy, natural product for their customers,” he said.

King added that JBT and its master distributor would be displaying a full line of juice bar equipment that handles not only citrus, but also vegetable juices with the Produce Plus Juicer.

Visit JBT’s booth at the National Restaurant Show 2017!