JBT is sent to help dairy processors in Asia Pacific rapidly increase their output with the installation of the first units of a newly-developed high-capacity filler-seamer group for liquid dairy products that runs at 1200 cans per minute.

Successfully developed in 2016 by JBT Sint Niklaas (Belgium) the high-hygienic filler, which is based on Unifiller filling technology, is synchronized with a X-59 can closer and can service up to 81 filling stations.

Within a short period of time, four machines were sold to major dairy processors in Asia Pacific, according to JBT’s Marcom coordinator for Liquid Foods in the EMENA region, Patrick Schoenaers.

“The first filler-seamer group successfully passed the Factory Acceptance Test and is now ready for shipment to Indonesia,” he says. “In a few weeks, this machine will fill and close 200 gram cans of sweet condensed milk at a line speed of 800 cpm.”

Schoenaers adds that JBT Asia Pacific service technicians (pictured above at the Factory Acceptance Test) were intensively trained in Belgium during the building of the machine in order to offer a high-level of customer care service on site.

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