JBT Corporation was on hand at the recent Citrus Australia 2017 Technical Forum and Field Day to supply delegates with fresh juice and highlight the industry-leading solutions that JBT has available for the juicing and processing sectors.

JBT, which also sponsored the two-day event that took place in Mildura, Victoria on March 1-2, highlighted the Fresh’n Squeeze® juicing system (JBT Australia’s Grant Day pictured above), as well as other solutions, to citrus industry representatives, growers and packers.

JBT’s Alvin Cheng and Grant Day at the event

In a statement, Citrus Australia CEO Judith Damiani said the event provided growers and packers with a glimpse into future technologies and a platform for researchers to showcase their work.

“New technology is the lifeblood of any primary industry, and the citrus industry is no exception. Unless we continue to invest in better ways to grow, pack and market our products to the world, we will get left behind,” she said.

“The format of the event encourages growers to participate in a setting they feel comfortable in and The forum also included displays of new equipment, products and services by commercial companies and provide a great opportunity to network.”