JBT Corporation will be highlighting its innovative solutions for juice processors in Asia as part of its participation in this year’s SGF-IFU Asia Roadshow, which begins on March 7 in India and goes on to visit China, Thailand, Japan and Dubai.

The roadshow, which JBT will also be sponsoring, follows a successful 2016 Latin America tour during which JBT highlighted products and innovations for the juice sector in conjunction with quality standards organization Sure Global Fair (SGF) and the International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Association (IFU).

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According to JBT’s José Lorente, who will be on hand at the events in Japan and Dubai, JBT will both participate in the presentations and provide information about the company’s products and experience.

“We will be talk about JBT as a supplier of technologies for processing fruits, vegetables and juices, as well as highlighting future projects that will be focused on sustainability,” he said.

For Lorente, markets such as India – where JBT is already collaborating with mango, citrus and coffee processors – as well as China, Thailand and Vietnam are likely to be important regions of future growth for the company. “These are markets that are developing fast, although at the same time they are very distinct markets that are changing at their own speed,” he added.

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The SGF-IFU Asia Roadshow, sponsored by JBT, will visit:

March 7, My Fortune Hotel, Bengalura, INDIA

May 12, Bell Tower Hotel Xian, Xian Shi, CHINA

June 1, Impact Exhibition Center, Pak Kret, THAILAND

Sept 20, Tokyo, Venue TBC, JAPAN

OCT 30, Dubai, Venue TBC, DUBAI, UAE

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