Capable of filling almost any kind of glass jar, the JBT Unifiller is a piece of technology engineered to satisfy the demands of quality conscious consumers, while keeping operational costs down for food processors.

As highlighted in a new White Paper, the Unifiller is able to deliver the highest quality in filling for a broad range of products, meaning it is well-suited to meeting the needs of companies in the fast-growing sweet spread sector.

The longstanding popularity of jams and other spreads as part of the traditional breakfast in Europe and North America has long sustained the industry, but this has been boosted in recent years by development of spreads with new innovative flavors, such as figs, ginger and exotic fruits.


JBT’s Unifiller can be customized to handle a wide range of spreads – from liquid to viscous to those containing sensitive particles – meaning spillages or product damage can be avoided.

The technology is also distinguished by fast and efficient product and jar format change-over, and a speedy, totally automated Clean-In-Place procedure, eliminating the need for disassembly or manual cleaning.

 JBT’s Filling Technology White Paper takes an in-depth look at the JBT Unifiller, outlining what makes the product unique and detailing how it both meets consumer demand for quality spreads and reduces operational costs.