Innovative solutions for food processors will be the focus for JBT at this year’s California League of Food Processing Expo, an annual event that showcases the latest trends in the liquid and processed foods business.

JBT will be on hand at the show, the largest of its kind in California that is exclusively devoted to food processing technology. The event, which takes place from February 8-9 at the Sacramento Convention Center, showcases innovations for citrus, tomato and protein processors, as well as fresh fruit companies.

However, Donn Sabato, JBT’s North America Director of Sales, explained that Food Processing Expo’s importance lay not only in the fact that it was an opportunity to highlight JBT products, but that it was a forum for sharing the latest trends in food tastes.

“California is a trend-setter when it comes to healthy lifestyles – they are the ones who set new trends when it comes to drinks and foods that people will follow,” he said. “JBT is very active in the tomato, citrus and protein processing sectors in California, so the Food Processing Expo – where we will be highlighting several JBT food processing solutions – is extremely important for us.”

JBT will be exhibiting at Food Processing Expo, which takes place from February 8-9 in the Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento CA.