JBT Corporation highlighted how continuous container handling and intermittent axial rotation have played a major role in the success of its Continuous Rotary retort business at the Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists’ (IFTPS) Third South Asia Outreach Seminar, which was held last month in Bangkok, Thailand.

Speaking at the event, which took place from November 16-17 in the Thai capital, JBT’s Dan Brooks – who presented a paper by Terry Heyliger (a JBT retiree from Madera, California) on Continuous Rotary Retorts* – detailed the importance of sterilization in the system’s effectiveness.

“JBT has over 8,000 rotary retort shells installed worldwide, producing in excess of 50% of the world’s canned food,” Brooks explained. “Therefore, proper development of the sterilization steps used in this type of cooker is extremely important.”

Brooks’ presentation covered the history and unique operation of the JBT rotary sterilizer, as well as the numerous factors that must be taken into account when producing safe canned foods in this type of system.

Based in the State of Virginia, the IFTPS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of those working in thermal processing. IFTPS’ membership consists of worldwide experts in the field of in-container and aseptic food sterilization.

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*Process Evaluation and Critical Factors in Continuous Rotary Retorts by Terry Heyliger, JBT Madera, California.