JBT’s client coverage in the liquid and shelf-stable food sectors can at times read like a who’s who of major processors encompassing a wide range of products, from pureed baby food and powdered milk for infants through to jams, fresh juices, ketchup, soups, milk drinks and pet food.

Far removed from the company’s origins in Florida’s citrus sector, JBT’s reach now stretches across the vegetable, fruit and dairy processing industries, offering  technological solutions from primary processing through to final packaging.

In fact, more than 50% of the world’s shelf-stable foods are filled, closed or sterilized in JBT equipment.

Acting as a single source supplier, the company offers custom engineering and ensures product quality and safety, while also excelling in customer care, delivering ongoing support to clients covering the working life of technologies.

For more information, visit JBT’s liquid food product pages here.