JBT has developed one of the most easy-to-clean belt conveyors in the market today, which can be taken apart and reassembled in less than a minute to enable effective cleaning of food debris, helping food companies improve both food safety and hygiene.

Set to be launched commercially this year, the innovative SaniClean Belt Conveyor allows for thorough cleaning at high speed, meaning the time a production line is out of action for cleaning is minimized to the shortest amount possible.

“The biggest feature of it is that it is super easy to clean,” explains JBT Aftermarket Parts & Equipment Sales Manager Jeff Cook. “With most conventional conveyors, you can’t get into them and clean under or around the belt – you need the maintenance department to take them apart to do the cleaning.

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“The SaniClean requires no tools to get in there and under the belt and clean because you can literally take it apart in 10 seconds*.”

SaniClean also includes features that guard against bacterial contamination. Sanitary, ‘food-safe’ welds are carried out during manufacturing to ensure no micro-organisms take root in any crevices, which can be difficult to clean.

SaniClean close-up

Easily adaptable
The system is also easily adapted to multi-stage cleaning. “if you are running in the middle of the day and just want to do a light clean up, you can spray inside the frame cut-outs and then later do a thorough clean,” says Cook.

“Everything was thought out in the design so it can be cleaned quickly and easily without having to call in the maintenance department. The value of product comes through being able to clean it quickly, easily and very effectively.”

SaniClean close-up side

SaniClean, which is suitable for almost all food products from fresh fruits and vegetables through to meat and poultry, also features removable plastic belt-supports below the conveyor for easy cleaning, making a change from conventional rollers which can be a challenge to access.

Also unlike conventional conveyor belt systems, SaniClean can handle high temperature cleaning of up to 180 degrees with no detrimental impact on components.

Currently available as a prototype, SaniClean is due to be commercially launched in October to coincide with its installation at a Sunkist packing facility, while installation for other products – both fresh and processed – is in the pipeline.

For more information about SaniClean, please contact Jeff Cook

*Disassembly time increases as conveyor length and width increases.