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JBT’s Fresh Produce Technologies team has developed and sold its first Tall non-vented produce bin scrubber to Setton Farms, a large pistachio nut packing facility in central California. 

This product is an extension of JBT’s highly successful patented Bin Scrubber product line which features extremely effective bin cleaning and does it more efficiently in a smaller footprint than other designs in the market.

The “Tall Bin Scrubber” design now allows fruit, vegetables and nut packers and processers who use field bins over 32 inches in height in their operation to quickly and effectively clean their bins.  Most tall bins are currently cleaned by hand which is expensive and inconsistent.

JBT Tall Bin Scrubber

The Tall Bin Scrubber has all of the proven benefits of the standard Bin Scrubber like low water use, mechanical scrubbing, low power consumption, and adjustable scrubbing cycles plus new added benefits.

These new benefits include a telescoping brush scrubbing head to ensure all internal surfaces of  a tall bin are cleaned, a bin rinse feature for non-vented bins, and a bin drying stage also for non-vented bins. This new JBT product will help our customers to meet new food safety laws and requirements related to bin cleaning and handling at a low cost per bin.

JBT also manufactures necessary support equipment and automation for the Tall Bin Scrubber such as bin handling conveyors, bin stacking and unstacking products, and our Chemtrol recycled water monitoring and sanitizing system.