Araraquara workshop

JBT Corporation is staging a one-day Citrus Technical Workshop for its Brazilian customers and interested companies this week, which will demonstrate how JBT technology can help deliver 3% more high quality juice than was previously available.

The workshop, which will be held at JBT Araraquara on May 31, will focus on highlighting the latest technological developments for the sector from JBT, including systems designed to increase juice and lemon oil yields.

JBT’s Januário Soligon explains that the event will update customers and potential clients on new developments from JBT aimed at improving the yield and quality of juices, oils and pulps extracted from citrus fruits, particularly oranges and lemons.

The workshop will also look at how automation of citrus processing can improve performance and reduce labor costs, filtering systems, Stork sterilisation and aseptic filling technology for juices, citrus processing good practices, and systems for oil recovery that have shown outstanding results.

In addition, attendees will get the chance to visit JBT’s research, development and manufacturing facility, where they can learn more about the company’s quality control during the manufacturing process.

Araraquara workshop tour

Outstanding results
As Soligon explains, JBT has already achieved outstanding results when it comes to improving juice quality and delivering effective lemon oil extraction technologies, with the company’s MORE (Modular Oil Recovery Equipment) extractor system having proven to be highly efficient.

JBT will also be introducing its READYGo™ d-LIMONENE unit for removing valuable d-Limonene oil, which has itself demonstrated vigorous results during testing.

On the juice side, JBT will be highlighting recently-developed new components that can be added to existing systems to deliver better juice yields.

“This is very important for the business – every 1% gain that you have in this business is a lot, so you are talking about huge volumes,” says Soligon. “Brazil produces a lot of juice – out of every five glasses of orange juice being consumed worldwide at any given time, three of those are likely to have been produced in Brazil.”

Araraquara workshop speaker

The workshop will also cover how companies can save on labor costs through increased automation on processing lines, as well as focusing on how JBT’s new finisher technologies can boost the amount of high quality juice produced.

“We have a finish automation system that can deliver a 3% gain in the amount of primary, high quality juice produced – this is something we are going to be introducing to the Brazilian market,” adds Soligon.

JBT’s Citrus Technical Workshop will takes place from 8am-6pm in Araraquara, Brazil. For more information, please contact: [email protected]