JBT Corporation will highlight the latest developments in its citrus processing and juice business during a visit to the upcoming Juiceful Istanbul 2016 conference; an event which is likely to draw attention to the growth of the sector in Turkey and the Middle East.

With JBT providing a range of options for citrus companies, from citrus juice extractors, finishers and aseptic systems through to innovative Fresh’n Squeeze® point-of-sale juicers, it is well-positioned to provide solutions for a fast-developing market.

Over the past decade, JBT has worked hard to establish its systems and solutions in the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets, and now counts some major players among its customer base, including Göknur, Dimes and Anadolu Etap.


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Carlos Saavedra, global marketing manager for JBT’s Liquid Foods business, explains that Turkey and the Middle East are among the few global markets that are currently growing in terms of both citrus production and processing.

“The Middle East is one of the few growing markets in citrus production – from a relatively small base, but nevertheless it is still growing,” he says. “Egypt has grown over the past decade and Turkey has grown as well, and we’ve been pretty effective in gaining a share of those markets.”

“Turkey is a market that is growing in terms of citrus processing – we have some relatively new customers and a few others that we are talking to, so Juiceful Istanbul is an opportunity to see those new customers and new prospects,” Saavedra adds.