JBT’s innovative Fresh’n Squeeze citrus juicers will be showcased at the upcoming National Restaurant Show 2016, where the company will be highlighting the fact that the machine can deliver up to 50% more juice yield than its competitors.

This year, JBT will be present at the show, which takes place in Chicago, IL from May 21-24, together with its master distributor Juicernet, a company that specializes in supplying Fresh’n Squeeze juicers to supermarkets, juice bars, hotels and restaurants, among other outlets.

JBT Fruit Juice Account Manager, Jerry King, says JBT will be speaking to restaurants and hotel chains that are interested in providing fresh juice for their customers, as well as grocery retailers that are looking to open in-store juice bar kiosks.


Yield advantage
King explains that JBT will be focusing on highlighting the juice quality and high yield capabilities – two of the most sought-after features that the Fresh’n Squeeze juicers offer.

“The foundation of the Fresh’n Squeeze juicer is in our years of experience in citrus processing and extraction – with that technology, we are able to achieve anywhere from a 30-50% juice yield advantage over our competition, which is huge,” he says.

“If you are familiar with what juice yield can mean in terms of having to buy, store and handle less fruit, as well as the labor savings involved, there’s a lot of ways in which that benefits the user.”


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Equally importantly, King says Fresh’n Squeeze juicers offer the best juice quality available in terms of peel oil content and the system’s ability to remove fruit core and seed material.

Unlike many rival systems, which King says can involve major adjustments depending on fruit size; Fresh’n Squeeze juicers are very versatile when it comes to handling all types and varieties of citrus fruit.

“Competitors machines are very size sensitive, so components have to be changed depending on the type of fruit, or separate machines have to be purchased – with our machine, the fruit size range is very open and no adjustments or separate components are required,” he adds.

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